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Dynamic Receiver Telephone Receiver    

Dynamic Receiver - AR-3032BA-1

Dynamic receiverReceiver
1 Type Dynamic receiver unit
2 Dimension. External diameter 30 mm
3 Sensitivity (S.P.L) 119 dB ±3 dB at 1kHz 180 mV with IEC 318 coupler
4 Frequency Response. Refer to frequency response chart.
5 Impedance. 32 Ohm ±15% at 1KHz
6 Magnet Field Intensity. Axial – dB , Radial –dB at 1KHz
7 Nominal Input Power 30mW
8 Max. Input Power. Must be normal at a white noise , 50mW for 1 minute.
9 Weight. 5.4g ±0.5g
10 Appearance. Should not exist any obstacle to be harmful to normal operation: damages, cracks, rusts, and distortions, etc.
11 Buzz, Rattle, Etc. Should not be audible at 0.98V sine wave between 300 Hz to 3.4 kHz.
12 Terminal Strength. Capable of withstanding 1 kg load for 15 sec without resulting in any damage or rejection.
13 Load Test. 0.98 white noise (-filter) is applied for 72 hours satisfy the tests listed on item 03,04,09, and10

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